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without minimum order quantity from spring 2019

Special Colours, transparencies or properties – all this we customize according to your ideas. Choose your color without compromising quality standards and let yourself create your own customized filament.

Each filament is uniquely produced for each customer order. The exact color tone may for example be set as RAL-Code. Alternatively, you can send us a sample of the color you like to have. In addition to individual colors, we also offer transparencies or customized multicoloured filaments.

Other substances can also be mixed in order to change the properties of the printed part. Please contakt us in order to discus further details.

Polylactide (PLA)

For the future we are also aiming to work with other raw materials.

We offer standard filaments with a diameter of 1.75 mm as well as 2.85 mm. In addition, you can also order filaments of other diameters. Just ask us.

We ensure that the material meets the highest quality standards. For this, we check the dimensional accuracy of the produced filament with the help of professional measuring technology. We guarantee compliance with the filament diameter in industrial quality of ± 0.05 mm. Due to the individual production after order entry long storage times are avoided.

In order to achieve the best possible color accuracy, we check the color shade under constant conditions with a special daylight lamp.

You can order your filament either as 320g or 750g packaging unit.

You receive prices on request.

We look forward to working with you to create your own customized filament, based on your specifications and needs. For this to work, we offer you fast support and detailed advice.

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