Customized filament

Special colors, transparencies or properties – all this is available according to your wishes.

On request, we can also produce several colors in one filament. Gradients, transparencies or diameters are also possible.

350 g für

59,90 €

750 g für

74,90 €

incl. 19% tax.

Each filament is a custom-made item. The exact color can be set for example as a RAL code. As reference we use the RAL-Classik color fan. Alternatively, you can also send us a color sample. In addition to individual colors, we also produce all imaginable transparencies or multicolored filaments. It is also possible to reorder the exact same shade at a later time.
3D printed objects have a special surface texture that influences color perception. On request, we will gladly send you a sample of your produced desired color. This will be a printed color badge.

Polylactides (PLA)
We are currently working on adding more plastics to our range.

We offer you the usual filament diameter of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm.

We ensure that the material meets the highest quality standards. For this purpose, we check the dimensional stability of the filament with the aid of professional measuring technology and guarantee compliance with the filament diameter in industrial quality of ± 0.05 mm. Since each customer order is produced individually, we do not have long storage times of the filament. This will prevent the material from being damaged or becoming brittle.

Before the filament is shipped, there is a final check of the color. For this we use special daylight lamps.

After order confirmation we need 2 working days to adjust your color tone and produce the filament. Shipping usually takes 1 – 2 working days within Germany.

Packaging unit: 23,5 x 23 x 8 cm

Custom-made products in the smallest quantities are no problem for us. Just contact us!

Please note that prices may vary for custom orders.