We make your 3D printing more colorful.

Imagine your printer in the office could only print a few colors. If you want a special color, you will need to order a new color cartridge. But currently there is not every color to buy. You think that is unimaginable? – We do as well! However, this is exactly the standard in 3D printing.

If you see yourself restricted in your work and creativity, then you’ve come to the right place. We love the possibilities of 3D printing and want to make it even more versatile. We have developed the Umeleon 1 Pro with which any color or transparency can be made. The special feature is that the Umeleon 1 Pro fits on every desk and is very easy to use. The development of a marketable product requires a lot of dedication and time. For this reason we produce your desired filament for you since February 2019. Stay up-to-date on the development and applications of the Umeleon 1 Pro with our newsletter.

A product for every 3D printer

Our claim is to produce a qualitatively flawless filament for 3D printing. We know from our own experience that successful 3D printing starts with the right filament. In addition to our specialist areas, we got support from color and measurement technologies and from the plastics and 3D printer industry.

The starting point of our project is in 2016. It all started as part of a study project. This was followed by participation in numerous ideas and business plan competitions. The positive feedback encouraged us to make our idea a reality. Since August 2018 we are supported by the EXIST scholarship. Currently, a patent application is being processed to protect our invention. Although the Umeleon 1 Pro can only be acquired in the near future, you can already convince yourself of the quality of our filaments.

That's what makes our filaments so unique


High-quality pigments give our filaments their extraordinary luminosity.

The right granules

For the filaments we use only raw materials that we have tested and of which we are fully convinced.


Modern measuring technology ensures the necessary accuracy with our filaments.