Umeleon Pro 1

No color no shine


We develop the Umeleon Pro 1. With the Umeleon Pro 1 you can make your desired filament according to your requirements. This is a machine that works independently of the 3D printer. Users will be able to continue using their 3D printers while experiencing exceptional color and material versatility.


Produce only the filament that you really need. Use our color library for this. This is proprietary software that comes with the Umeleon Pro 1. The library allows you to produce your desired filaments in the required transparencies and material properties. You can add new colors or materials to the library. Using the stored data, you are able to reproduce your filaments at any time.


The Umeleon Pro 1 is an easy-to-use machine that fits on any desk thanks to its compact design. The filament diameter corresponds to the highest standards. The produced filaments can be processed with any 3D printer.